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Phlebotomy Technician Careers

After completing a phlebotomy training program, you may be on the lookout for phlebotomist jobs that are available to you.

When looking for phlebotomy technician jobs, there are many facilities that you should search.

Hospital Phlebotomists

Hospitals are one of the best areas to begin your career as a successful phlebotomist.

While hospitals will normally start out an amateur phlebotomist with hectic or very abnormal morning hours, this facility can be a wonderful place to begin your career.

There are also draw stations that may be tied to a nearby hospital. These draw stations will normally only employ phlebotomists to work and draw blood on patients who come into the establishment.

Phlebotomist jobs are definitely on the rise.

Clinics and Doctors Offices

Many busy health care establishments are finding that it’s a good idea to have someone who is specialized in one area do that specific type of work.

Whether you choose to look for jobs available through a hospital or through a doctor’s office, the possibilities are almost completely limitless.

The one thing to take into consideration when looking for phlebotomy technician jobs is the fact that most jobs will require their phlebotomists to work early morning hours, since most blood tests will need to be done before a patient eats for the day.

As you gain experience within the field, your salary and hours will become more stabilized and normal.