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Phlebotomy Technician Job Duties

As a busy phlebotomist, there are many responsibilities and duties that may fall into your hands.

A phlebotomist’s main duty would be to draw blood from their patients and collect the blood using different colored vials.

Each vial will have a different color and additive, meaning that each vial is meant for a different laboratory test.

One of your phlebotomist responsibilities is to ensure that you use the right vial for the specific blood test that will need to be conducted.

You will also need to use all of the proper personal protective equipment to ensure that you and the patient are safe at all times.

Additional Duties

Another task that may fall into the phlebotomy technician job duties would be to collect other specimens for analysis by the laboratory.

Many phlebotomists will be in charge of collecting urine and fecal samples from their patients and delivering these specimens to the laboratory of their establishment.

In some facilities, the phlebotomist will also be in charge of testing certain blood and urine samples. It is also your duty to make sure that each and every blood sample that you take is labeled properly and sent to the lab to be tested.

By not properly labeling and delivering any and all of the samples, the patient will need to come back into the establishment to have their blood drawn again.